Eagle Eye Detection
Slab Leaks, Sewer Detection,   
and Line Locating!

We've added the new micro camera to our arsenal of
detection and video equipment. We can now look into even
the smallest drains to identify the
cause of your problem, No more guessing!
  • Non Destructive methods

  • Latest Technology for pin point accuracy          

  • Video to identify cause of problem

  • 30 years experience in plumbing field

  • Owner operator
  Why Eagle Eye Detections?

Answer is Simple!     Locating and Identifying your plumbing          
problem is our ONLY business.
We are specialist in this field, no guessing. Just accurate leak
Our #1 priority is to provide professional quality inspections, using state of the art equipment
at the lowest possible cost to you!    Saving you money!    Often lots of MONEY!  
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