Our Services

Leak Detection: Expert Diagnosis will determine IF you truly have a
leak, if so we'll find it's exact location, all with non destructive leak
detection method's.

Sewer Video:  A video inspection with color camera will locate the
cause of your sewer problem! If it's broken, has roots or something
has been dropped into your line we can see it.

Drain line or deck drains: Our micro camera's can even go into
lines as small as 11/4" to determine reason for any stoppage.

Locate Lines: With our digital sondes, we can locate any sewer,
drain, or water line and get pin point accuracy and depth so
there's NO GUESS WORK!
When someone starts digging or breaking concrete, you know
exactly how deep they will have to dig to find your pipe.

Line Tracing: We can trace any metallic pipe or PVC pipe with
tracer wire to give you exact line location.
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Sewer and Leak Detections
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